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Adventure-Ready Fire Extinguisher for Your ATV or UTV

Summer’s right around the corner! For thrill-seekers and dirt-track enthusiasts that means one thing; it's time to start up those ATVs and UTVs! Whether you’re planning to conquer the dunes on a Polaris, cruise through creeks on a Can-Am, or trailblaze on a Yamaha, having a trusty fire extinguisher kit on-board should be a must! 

The Importance of an ATV Fire Extinguisher

Let’s paint a picture: you’re out there, engine roaring and mud flying, living your best off-road life. But wait; what if your beloved ride starts smoking from an overworked engine or a sneaky electrical hardware fault? Not so fun anymore, is it? That’s where your on-board fire extinguisher is clutch to save your 4 wheeler from going up in flames. 

Finding The Right Fire Extinguisher for Your ATV

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When selecting a fire extinguisher for your powersport vehicle you should be looking for something that can handle the extreme ruggedness of off-road environments. Prioritize a compact and lightweight extinguisher that protects against multiple fire classes and can easily be mounted next to the rider. In addition, choosing a durable, maintenance-free extinguisher can help to ensure you are always ready to fight fire.

Why Choose An Element Fire Extinguisher?

Element fire extinguishers are designed with the powersport enthusiasts in mind. Their compact and portable nature make them ideal for the limited space available and easily mount on vehicles like the Polaris RZR, Can-Am Maverick, or Yamaha Talon. Unlike traditional extinguishers, Element offers a maintenance-free solution that is clean and always ready without leaving behind any additional mess.

Features of the Element Fire Extinguisher

Durable: The solid-state construction of Element makes it durable and limits the possibility to malfunction after withstanding harsh conditions during the off-roading sessions.

Residue-Free: Whereas traditional extinguishers leave a residue, Element does not! Element is a clean agent extinguisher that does not leave any mess after use and is non-corrosive so it won't damage your vehicle. 

Lightweight & Compact: The small size and the light weight of Element makes it easy to install and store within reach to ensure quick access in emergencies.

Fights All Major Fires: Capable of handling Class A, B, C, and K fires. It can extinguish solid combustible fires, flammable liquid & gas fires, electrical fires of up to 100,000 volts, and grease fires. 

Universal Mounting Options: Element offers multiple extinguisher mounts and holders that makes it compatible with Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki KRX, Honda Talon or any other ATV or UTV models.

A Fit for Every Model

Element Extinguisher mounted to the side rail of a UTV

Slide Element into a pocket or install the Element fire extinguisher with our quick release roll bar mount kit. The adjustable bracket and clamp system is engineered to attach securely to different frame sizes and styles, including fitted cages like the Ranger and Defender. The quick-release bracket of this mount ensures that the extinguisher can be accessed swiftly and easily in an emergency. Its universal design will fit any ATV or UTV and stay secure whether you're rolling over rocky paths or speeding through forest trails. The peace of mind that comes with always having a reliable fire extinguisher on-board is invaluable.

When it comes to off-road adventures in your ATV or UTV, be prepared for the unexpected. Make sure you're equipped with an Element before you head out to conquer the trails this summer. 

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