Element is 80% smaller and will discharge for 5 times longer than traditional fire extinguishers. It is suitable for use on all major types of fire: ABC & K fire classes. Element is an Internationally tested and approved fire extinguisher that is approved for use by Police, Military (including NATO), Special Forces and many other industries.



MOPAR, The Porsche Club of America, Mercedes Benz and many more have approved Element for its small size and effectiveness at extinguishing fires with no mess or additional damage to mechanical or electrical parts. Other small fire extinguishers like dry chemical or water extinguishing agents will cause irreparable damage to your vehicle. 

Extinguishers with plastic valves, metal valves, nozzles with hoses are pressurized and require you to check the gauge, inspect and perform regular maintenance to make sure they have not expired. They may also accidentally be triggered when going through rough terrain or extreme heat. Element is not affected by vibration and has been tested to work effectively in temperatures from -140F to +320F. Element has no moving parts and its solid construction makes it unaffected by harsh environments or humidity.

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The National Fire Protection Association minimum recommendations for the home include one extinguisher per floor, smoke alarms on each level and outside sleeping areas. It's important to have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen for grease and cooking fires. Many extinguishers are rated ABC but not K like Element. Class K fire extinguishers are specifically designed for flammable cooking oils / fats and will not cause a grease fire to explode like pure water will (click to see video of water being used on a kitchen fire).

Element leaves no mess so it will not damage your stove, appliances or conduct electricity back to the operator. Element can be used on electrical fires up to 100,000 volts! Element is up to 80% smaller than other extinguishers so you can store one on each level of your home without making it look like a fire station like larger cylinder extinguishers will. Element is so simple and easy to use, it's an excellent choice for your home and family in case of household fires.

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Powersport enthusiasts play hard and push limits. Element uses a patented solid-state extinguishant that prevents accidental discharge and is always ready to go if a fire starts. Offroad rigs, ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and even marine machines are filled with flammable liquids. From gasoline to hydraulic fluid if a hose blows, you have a higher likelihood of fire.

In many cases, you're far from a fire department so it's up to you to try and control the flames after calling 911. Space is at a premium on a motorcycle or UTV so choosing the right extinguisher that's  effective, covers the major fire classes, has a long discharge and is easy to pack is crucial as your primary fire extinguisher.

That's why so many powersport enthusiasts use Element.

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Element is great to use anywhere space is limited. Originally developed for use in space, the small size and clean agent extinguishant interrupts the chemical chain creation of fire without robbing the air of breathable oxygen. It will not damage electronics, corrode metal, or leave a mess.

Think of all the other small enclosed spaces that can really benefit from Element like RVs, trailers, overland vehicles, aircraft, snowmobiles and more! Used during the incipient phase of fire, which is the phase after ignition, a quick response can help save lives. Click here to read the 4 Phases of Fire.

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What is the best fire extinguisher for a mini fire?

Depending on the class of fire, many extinguishers can be used on a mini fire. Many extinguishers use damaging powders, foams or water so we recommend Element because it will extinguish flames with no mess.

How long does a traditional 2.5lb fire extinguisher last?

A traditional 2.5 lbs dry powder extinguisher will last for about 10-12 seconds. Dry powder extinguishers use monoammonium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate which are corrosive and leave a mess. Element on the other hand, will discharge for at least 50 seconds, leaves no mess, is non-corrosive and non-toxic. Which would you rather use?

How many pounds of fire extinguisher do I need?

For traditional extinguishers, the number indicates how much dry chemical they contain. The larger the number, the more square footage they can cover with powder. They are also bigger, heavier and will typically discharge for anywhere between 10 to 20 seconds. Element weighs less than half a pound and will discharge for at least 50 seconds.

Is the Element fire extinguisher good enough for a car?

We believe Element is the right solution for your car. It fights all the major fire classes and works by fighting fire on the molecular level. Its gas chemically interrupts the chain reaction of combustion effectively extinguishing a fire without causing additional damage, making a mess and without removing surrounding oxygen. It can safely be used on energized electrical equipment up to 100,000 volts.

Is the Element fire extinguisher good for use at home?

We believe Element is an excellent fire extinguisher for your home because of its smaller size, longer discharge time and how easy it is for anyone to use. You can provide your entire family with extinguisher training by practicing the 4 easy steps of Element. 

What class of fire is a small bin fire?

This really depends on what is in the bin but if it's paper, cartons, cardboard, and other ordinary combustibles, that is a Class A fire.

Do small fire extinguishers expire?

Traditional extinguishers can expire every 6 years. The solid chemical that makes up the Element extinguisher has no effective expiration.

Where to buy small fire extinguishers?

Use our store locator or order from our site to purchase Element today!

How do people use small fire extinguishers like Element?

The smallest and longest lasting fire extinguisher is extremely easy for people to use one and become mini fire fighters. 

Step 1
Remove Cap & Discard

Step 2
Remove Starter from Handle Base

Step 3
Press Starter to Tip and Scratch

Step 4
Aim Discharge to Envelope Flames

If you have a fire in the kitchen, do you really need to stop and think about what’s burning and which extinguisher to use?

YES. Extinguishers that are not K rated can have an explosive effect on grease fires and can spread the fire faster. Kitchen fires can also be electrically charged During an emergency it's hard to think about extinguisher types, so we recommend only keeping fire extinguishers that are rated for ABC & K fires in your home, like Element.