Kitchen fire extinguisher. Dare to Flambé

Dare To Flambé With The E50 Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Okay, you’re not thinking about your kitchen fire extinguisher when you put on a “Kiss the Chef” apron and start preparing your famous Steak Diane. You’re thinking of when to start the potatoes and how much your guests are going to enjoy eating.

We also know that should you need a kitchen fire extinguisher you can't afford to wonder if it's been recharged by a certified professional, if the pressure gauge is accurate or worse; expired! Grease fires spread so quickly, you need a class K fire extinguisher that is easy to grab and ready to use right now! 

That's why the Element E50 is the perfect kitchen fire extinguisher. It never needs inspection, recharging or expires. Element is ready to go straight out of the box and will stay ready until you need it. It's so small, you can tuck it anywhere so it is always within reach. The old style canister extinguishers often end up in a closet or buried deep in some drawer because they take up so much space. The Element E50 is small enough to easily fit under the sink, in a cupboard, on a wall or even on the fridge! 

Big Fire Protection With A Smaller Home Fire Extinguisher

How can the Element E50 provide so much fire protection when it is up to 80% smaller and discharges up to 5X longer than traditional extinguishers? The Element E50 works by fighting fires on the molecular level. The potassium nitrate gas chemically interrupts the chain of combustion effectively extinguishing a fire without making any mess or removing the surrounding oxygen.

Liquid, sodium bicarbonate, and dry chemical extinguishers use extinguishing agents that are corrosive, damaging to cooking equipment, create a tremendous mess and can cause more damage than the fire. Fire causes enough damage, the Element fire extinguishers will not cause further damage to your cooking equipment when extinguishing the source of the fire.



Mounting Brackets

Element Magnetic MountElement Quick Fist Fire Extinguisher Mount Element Roll Bar Mount 
We offer many types of mounting brackets so you can put a fire extinguisher on every floor of your house.


Fire Safety FAQs

What type of fire extinguisher is used in a kitchen?

Kitchens can be susceptible to a number of different types of fires. Class A fires involve combustibles like paper, cardboard and wood. Many products come in burning combustible packages. You may not consider your Corn Flakes a fire hazard but they will burn and would be classified as a class A fire.

What is a class K fire?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) defines class K fires as those in cooking appliances with flammable liquids and cooking oils like vegetable oil, animal oils, and fats. 

Is an ABC fire extinguisher OK for a kitchen?

ABC extinguishers won't fight grease fires, which are most common in a kitchen. You'll want to make sure any extinguisher you have in the kitchen is also a class K so it can fight grease fires. 

What is the best fire extinguisher for a small kitchen?

The Element E50 has 50 seconds of extinguishing time (compared to 9 to 11 seconds of an old-timey extinguisher) and is up to 80% smaller. You'll never need to check the pressure or find it completely empty. 

How long do kitchen fire extinguishers last?

Element fire extinguishers do not expire. They are ready to be used whenever you need them. Traditional extinguishers should be inspected monthly, require annual maintenance and need to be replaced every 6 years. 

What size fire extinguisher do I need for my kitchen?

Traditional fire extinguisher companies might recommend a 5lb extinguisher for small fires. Element E50 is up to 80% smaller and lasts 5x longer. The smaller size makes it perfect for home safety. The instructions are easy-to-read and will help stop ABCK fires from getting out of control.

How long will a kitchen fire extinguisher last?

The Element E50 will extinguish for at least 50 seconds. A traditional 5lb extinguisher will last for 9 - 11 seconds before running out. The Element E100 will last for at least 100 seconds although you'll find the E50 easy to mount or place anywhere in your kitchen.

Can I use baking soda to put out a grease fire?

Baking soda will only put out a small fire in a pot and takes a lot of baking soda to do the job. You'll just need one Element E50 residential fire extinguisher. The E50 is so small and won't contaminate your kitchen so you can keep your fire extinguisher even closer than the baking soda.

Will Element contaminate my kitchen?

No! If you have a fire in your kitchen, Element fire extinguishers use a non-toxic and eco-friendly vapor that dissipates cleanly into the air. You will still want to thoroughly clean after any fire, of course, but the fire protection technology of Element will not contaminate your kitchen like sodium bicarbonate, wet chemicals or water.

You can read more FAQs for additional peace of mind here.


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