Element Saved My Car

Element Saved My Car

Imagine opening up your mustang on the race track as you head onto the straightaway. Your engine growls as you accelerate down the open road. Then you see people along the barricade waving at you. Is something wrong? Perhaps a cover came loose? Or maybe a tire has lost pressure? You slow down and pull off to the side. And then you smell smoke. 

You jump into action! You grab the Element E50 installed with the Roll Bar Mount just in the back. It was easier to grab the fire extinguisher than it is to get out of the car. You step back from the car, looking for the source of smoke. Sure enough, flames are visible deep under the body in the rear wheel well at the back of the car. Yikes!

You've never used the Element before, and your car is on fire, so it took you a couple of extra strikes to get it going. A real fire is a little nerve racking, no matter how well you've prepared for it. You've poured your heart and soul into the 2014 Ford Mustang and now it's on fire. On Fire! Still, it only takes 7 seconds to activate the Element E50 fire extinguisher. Track crew were also there trying to help with a canister extinguisher. Unfortunately it couldn't reach, the fire was deep under the car.

You take control and, one-handed, get further under the car to target the fire with your Element. It is too far away to aim at the base, thankfully Element uses a different technology. The potassium ion vapor interrupts the chemical chain reaction on a molecular level to put out the fire (see Fire Tetrahedron for more). It stopped the fire during the early stages, before it got out of control. The Element E50 certainly did the trick!

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"Whoo! This thing saved it!" Element E50 was easy to grab from the roll bar mount and get going, even though it was his first situation and his car was on fire! The vapor put out the fire and didn't cause any additional damage. Dylan didn't need a tow from the track either. He was able to drive right home after removing the part that burned.

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Special thanks to @distickmotorsports for sharing and giving us permission to include his story!

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