Red "E" sticker on formula one car resembles Element Extinguisher logo

Ever Wonder Why The Element Fire Extinguisher Logo is on every Formula 1 Car?

The red ‘E’ Sticker on the outside of every Formula 1 car acts as a quick visual reference to a track safety marshal as to the point from which the onboard fire system can be deployed. Every F1 car has a standard fire safety system made up of a fixed mounted bottle with hoses that direct discharge to the driver and to the engine compartment. It can be deployed both externally and from the cockpit in the event of an emergency.

The red "E" sticker is placed on every formula 1 car for the fire marshals to quickly identify the location of on-board fire suppression system.

The large red ‘E’ located inside of a red circle is an internationally recognized symbol and acted as the inspiration for the Element logo. Look for it on your favorite F1 this March 2nd as the race season starts with the Grand Prix of Bahrain. Look ever closer and you will see the pit crew of a certain World Championship winning F1 team carrying Element Fire Extinguishers as part of their safety equipment kit  😉. 

Inspired By The Extreme Performance of Formula 1

Beyond sharing the same symbol, we also share F1’s commitment to fire safety and technical innovation. Element's extinguishing technology, compact design, and effectiveness against all major types of fire embodies the innovations and safety that are essential in the heart pumping world of automobile racing. 

A High-Performance Automotive Fire Extinguisher Rated to Fight Flammable Liquid and Electrical Fires

You may not be going over 200 miles per hour on your way to work (or maybe you are, we don’t judge 😉) but having a fire extinguisher in your car at any speed is just good fire safety. Element is the ideal fire protection tool for any car or vehicle. It is effective, compact, long lasting, maintenance free and it uses a clean agent technology that leaves no residue. This is a significant advantage, especially in automotive settings where chemical residues can damage sensitive components, electronics and interiors. 

Element's patented extinguishing technology fights fires on the molecular level. It chemically interrupts the chain of combustion and offers a solution that is both safe and effective. Element is capable of handling all major fire classes (class ABC & K). This includes solid combustibles, flammable liquids, electrical fires up to 100,000 volts, and cooking oils and greases. This versatility means our car extinguisher is not just another piece of equipment, but a vital part of fire defense protocols in any setting.

Element's compact size means that you can easily keep this extinguisher mounted under a passenger seat with a mounting bracket, in the glove box storage or in the trunk with all your other accessories. Element is out of the way and handy to offer protection against automotive fires without taking up valuable storage.

Element's Applications Beyond Pro Racing

While the link to Formula 1 and Element may just be symbolic, the shared commitment to fire safety works well beyond the race track. From personal cars and pickup trucks to off-road vehicles, Element is suitable for all types of vehicles. It offers protection against the most common causes of automotive fires while eliminating the risk of mess and corrosion that is often left from dry chemical extinguishers. Keeping an Element fire extinguisher in your vehicle ensures you are always ready to extinguish any sort of automotive fire. 

Choose Element as your Car Fire Extinguisher for Investment in Safety and Peace of Mind.

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