It's a bumpy ride, have the right automotive fire extinguisher

It's a bumpy ride, have the right automotive fire extinguisher

Performance, speed, and precision are paramount in the thrilling world of automotive racing. Fire safety is a critical concern that teams and drivers prioritize due to how often and easily a car can catch on fire. Among the various safety measures in place, car fire extinguishers are essential. Traditional car fire extinguishers present an unexpected challenge; accidental discharge! Watch this video to see how serious this problem could be if you're caught in a situation where your car extinguisher goes off while driving.

An extinguisher goes off and limits the view of the driver as he races on a track.
The Unexpected Hazards of Automotive Fire Extinguisher

You may think you're ready for a fire emergency because you have a traditional extinguisher in your vehicle, but what if it discharges unexpectedly while you're driving? This could be deadly! The accidental discharge of traditional car fire extinguishers emerges as a real and present danger In the world of automotive racing. Documented instances have shown that drivers have experienced this unexpected hazard firsthand. These incidents are often triggered by the intense vibrations, mounting bracket failure, jarring movements, temperature changes and the inherently bumpy and harsh environment of racing tracks. The accidental activation can transform an essential safety tool into an immediate threat.

Consequences of Unexpected Activation

Traditional car fire extinguishers have a number of areas where they can fail. They are pressurized with gauges, contain triggers, have hoses and nozzles that can become entangled and can inadvertently discharge inside a race car. The repercussions are immediate and severe.

Visibility Impairment

An accidental extinguisher discharge goes off in a $2.3 million dollar car.
The abrupt release of a dry chemical fire suppression agent clouds the cabin and obscures the driver's view. such impairment can cause catastrophic accidents since racing is a high speed sport that requires decisions to be executed in milliseconds.

Equipment Damage

The corrosive nature of chemicals from traditional extinguishers threatens the functioning of sensitive electronics and will ruin the vehicle's interior. This introduces a wave of repair and maintenance complexities as this corrosive and toxic discharge can not be easily removed. 

Respiratory Distress

Breathing in the harsh chemical agents poses an immediate health risk. This can mean coughing, breathing difficulties, and even incapacitating the driver.

Increased Accident Risk

The unexpected nature of such discharges can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle and become a hazard for themselves and others on the track.

Element - The Safer Automotive Fire Extinguisher

Element fire extinguishers eliminate the concern of accidental extinguisher discharge with its solid state construction. It has no moving parts or compressed gasses that could set it off unintentionally. This means that Element doesn't require any inspections to maintain its effectiveness. This gives drivers and teams the ultimate peace of mind while allowing them to concentrate on achieving peak performance.

As a clean agent extinguisher, Element offers a sophisticated solution to extinguishing fires without leaving a messy residue behind. This innovative approach not only enhances safety but also allows you to fight fire, protecting the engine from any toxic and corrosive materials while preserving the vehicle's interior.. Element is rated for Class B fires (in addition to A, C, & K). This means that it can effectively fight any flammable liquid fire which is a common occurrence in motorsports.

The compact and lightweight nature of the Element fire extinguisher makes it appealing for race enthusiasts as they're trying to save every bit of weight and space they can. This small size fire extinguisher can safely be mounted to roll bars or a passenger seat. It can easily be stored in the trunk and is even small enough to fit in the glove box of your car. Element is designed to fit seamlessly within any type of vehicle. This accessibility is vital in emergency situations, providing drivers with the confidence that effective fire suppression is always within arm's reach, without the cumbersome nature of traditional mounting options.

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