Rethink Small Fire Extinguishers

Rethink Small Fire Extinguishers

Element has re-engineered fire extinguishers so the smaller form factor lasts 5 times longer without reducing the amount of fire fighting vapor it emits. The key is how Element works. Element interrupts the chemical chain reaction that happens within the Fire Tetrahedron. Instead of trying to nullify one of the three components in the fire triangle (heat, fuel, or oxygen), Element prevents them from being able to combine and make fire. 

The unique design of Element provides the same level of safety and peace of mind of a traditional extinguisher while being way smaller! This mini firefighter is extremely effective, compact, lightweight, clean, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, convenient, and easy to use!


How To Easily & Effectively Use Element

There are 4 super simple steps in case of a fire emergency:


Step 1
Remove Cap
& Discard


Step 2
Remove Starter
from Handle Base


Step 3
Press Starter to
Tip and Scratch

Step 4
Point Discharge
at Fire


The free radical Potassium ion vapor will break the chemical reaction of fire and extinguish the fire. Element is safe to breathe and will not cause additional damage to your possessions.


The World's Smallest & Longest Lasting Fire Extinguisher Is Also The Best Fire Extinguisher 

Element is in a category of its own. Element will fit wherever you need it and is perfect to fight many different types of fire. All the major classes are covered; A, B, C & K. Eliminate bulky, hard to use extinguishers that require inspection and expire. Element never expires or needs inspection. Stay safe with an extinguisher that is always ready when you need it. 


The Best Car Fire Extinguisher

The small size of Element makes it perfect for your automobile. When a fire happens in your car or truck, you can't lose time searching, you need to keep an extinguisher handy. Element conveniently fits in the glove box, seat pocket, or one of our car mounts so it won't roll under your pedals and potentially cause an accident. Element puts out car fires safely and does not cause additional damage to your upholstery, electric components, or other mechanical parts. Powder, foam, water, and other extinguishing formulas of traditional fire extinguishers are messy and will cause additional damage to your property.

Here's a racer who was able to extinguish a fire while on the racetrack!


The Best Flammable Liquid Extinguisher

Gasoline is flammable. Hydraulic fluid is flammable. Rubbing alcohol is flammable. Even hand sanitizer is flammable! There are so many flammable liquids around us in our vehicles and homes that it's important to have a B class extinguisher. Element is so small, you can easily store one under your bathroom or kitchen sink at home or the one in your RV.

Off-road enthusiasts are very aware of how fire can spread. Take a look at Element in action on this fire:


The Best Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Grease fires in the kitchen are difficult to fight. Fat and other kitchen oils cannot be put out with water or other ingredients and pressurized extinguishers can spread the fire fast while complicating things instead of putting it out. The non-pressurized vapor of Element is more effective because it drapes the flame instead of injecting oxygen and spreading it with a pressurized discharge.


The Best Electrical Fire Extinguisher

Class C fires are electrified Class A or Class B fires. The additional dimension of electricity means your extinguishing agent cannot conduct electricity.

Water and many other traditional extinguishing agents conduct electricity so they cannot be used safely. The Potassium ion vapor of Element does not conduct electricity so it is the perfect solution for electrical fires. Regardless if it is a wood fire that has been energized, or there is a fire in your vehicle's engine (where your battery could energize the fire), Element is perfect for your fire safety. 


Protect Your Family With Element

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a fire extinguisher last in seconds?

The Element E50 will last for a minimum of 50 seconds. Element E100 will last at least 100 seconds. Traditional bottle extinguishers, regardless if they are 2.5lbs or 10lbs, will typically last for 7 to 10 seconds. Yes, that's all.

How long does Element E50 last in seconds?

The Element E50 will last for at least 50 seconds.

How long does Element E100 last in seconds?

The Element E100 will last for at least 100 seconds.

How long do fire extinguishers last if not used?

Element extinguishers never expire and will always be ready in case of an emergency. Traditional extinguishers must be inspected at least once a year and require replacement every 6 years.  

Does Element need to be inspected?

Nope! The unique design and patented formula never needs inspection or replacement. It is ready whenever you need it.

Does Element expire?

Nope! While traditional extinguishers usually expire after 6 years and can degrade over time, Element never expires.

Where to buy small fire extinguishers?

Element is available directly from our website or through many other dealers, hardware stores and outfitters throughout the United States and Canada. 



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