The Element Community Roundup: 02/16/2024

The Element Community Roundup: 02/16/2024

Let’s venture into the heart of adventure with off-roaders tackling their final and most grueling test as daylight breaks. Keep the excitement up for a classic car that elegantly bridges new technology and traditional styling that’s ready to take on new adventures. Join us as we explore tales of endurance and the enduring legacy of automotive excellence.

The Final Ascend

A jeep crawling itself out of rocky terrain

With 18 hours into the challenge, the off-roaders face their most daunting obstacle yet in the season finale of the fifth 24 Hell and Back challenge. These wheelers face their final test with only 6 hours left on the clock. Demanding everything they have left, this steep ascent is not just a physical hurdle; it's the pinnacle of their endurance, teamwork, and off-roading spirit. As the sun rises, so does the anticipation. Will they conquer this ultimate obstacle before the clock runs out?


Classic Aesthetics

A Porsche 911 SC in front of a scenic landscape

Experience the essence of Porsche with this 1979 911 SC. It is a lightweight tribute to the iconic 964 RS to honor its racing heritage. This vehicle merges classic aesthetics with a robust maintenance history to ensure peak performance. This beauty is protected against fires with Element - the perfect no-mess extinguisher that protects your most valuable assets. This car would be the perfect addition to your collection, especially considering it’s only priced at $72,500.


A Compact Solution

The compact Element fire extinguisher fits in the footwell storage of most cars

All cars should have a fire extinguisher. If you think your car doesn’t have any space for an extinguisher, think again! Element’s compact size makes it super easy to have fire protection on board your vehicle at all times. The vibrant red design with yellow end caps of our extinguisher stands out in all settings so you can easily find and fight fire.



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