The Element Community Roundup: 11/03/2023

The Element Community Roundup: 11/03/2023

It’s time to roll out the virtual red carpet for this week’s hottest stories from the Element community. From glitz and glamor to an awe-inspiring display of passion, this roundup has something for everyone.

Mini Monsters

Our first story takes us to a recent trade show, where @trailtrailerusa unveiled their impressive lineup of Mini trucks and the jaw-dropping Monster trucks. These mean machines definitely turned lots of heads and left attendees buzzing with excitement.


🎶Rocks Never Bothered Him Anyway🎶

If you're familiar with our previous roundups, you might recognize @dr.trailhunters. This time, he's back with another exhilarating video navigating a treacherous rocky terrain in his rock crawler. We LOVE the POV of this video as it really makes you appreciate the skill and confidence required to pull this off (also perhaps because we see our off-road fire extinguisher ready to protect if need be🙌).  


Surprise Deadline

Lastly, we're revisiting a jaw-dropping moment for @Stanceworks when Mike receives the news of an earlier deadline for shipping his car to the WTAC, leaving him just one month to complete the build. It's a story of incredible dedication and rapid transformation.



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