Affordable Fire Extinguisher for your Fire Protection

Affordable Fire Extinguisher for your Fire Protection

Ensuring fire safety is a paramount concern for homeowners and businesses alike. Selecting the right extinguisher for your safety can be daunting when there are so many options available. Making an informed decision about the right type of fire extinguisher can significantly impact overall safety and cost-effectiveness. Understanding the importance of fire protection and the benefits of Element, a portable clean agent fire extinguisher, can provide the peace of mind of knowing you're always prepared for a fire emergency.

Element is a sophisticated clean agent extinguisher that will not cause a mess or additional damage. Compared to other performance extinguishers, Element is not only the easiest and lowest maintenance option, it also provides the most value! Comparable performance extinguishers start at over $200. Element is more reliable, costs less in maintenance and starts under $99! That’s why Element stands out as an excellent choice for affordable clean agent fire protection. 

Initial Cost vs. Long-Term Investment

The upfront cost is a top priority for many when choosing fire safety equipment. All other clean agent systems start well over $100, some going into the thousands. Cheaper extinguishers are available but the long-term costs of maintenance, inspections and the damage they cause reveals a more expensive story.

Old style canister extinguishers: Initially, these extinguishers can be acquired at a lower price. However, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local fire safety regulations mandate regular maintenance, including monthly visual inspections and annual professional inspections by a trusted fire safety services provider. These also require immediate recharging after use and replacements every six years due to the pressure gauge and chemical potency issues. Every 6 years! These ongoing maintenance requirements add up and increase the total cost of ownership. Failure to maintain these extinguishers can have catastrophic consequences in the case of a fire.

Element: For under $99 Element's upfront cost may seem higher compared to an old style canister extinguisher, but that is not the case when you look at all its benefits. Element is a clean agent extinguisher which means there is no mess or additional damage. These classes of extinguishers have more advanced extinguishing agents that are more expensive than water or corrosive powders. Other clean agent extinguishers designed for automotive performance start over $200. Many incur the costs related to the regular inspections and maintenance that should be performed by a trusted provider of fire services. This means more money! Element does not require the monthly and annual inspections, maintenance, or recharging that other extinguishers do. This ease of maintenance not only reduces the upkeep costs to zero but also provides peace of mind by ensuring that the extinguisher is always ready to use. This makes Element a cost-effective solution to providing top-quality fire protection. Click here to view a complete price comparison chart.

Environmental and Cleanup Concerns

The aftermath of using a fire extinguisher is often overlooked. The type of extinguishing agent used can have a substantial impact on cleanup efforts and environmental consequences.

Old style canister extinguishers: Most use dry chemical agents like monoammonium phosphate. These can cause damage to sensitive energized electrical equipment and require extensive cleanup. While the agents may be effective in putting out the fire, they leave behind a corrosive residue that is costly and time-consuming to clean. These cheaper extinguishers might save you a buck up front but that doesn’t compare to the thousands of dollars worth of damages to your property and clean up costs you may have to pay.

Element: Element is a non toxic clean agent extinguisher that leaves no residue, is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This is where Element shines over other clean agent extinguishers. Many other clean agent extinguishers are toxic. That means you can not, even accidently, afford to breathe in the extinguishing agent during operation. This can make it dangerous to operate during an emergency without proper practice. Element can be used anywhere by anyone on any ABC or K fire. You can confidently use it in closed spaces, on electrical fires and in areas with sensitive equipment. The lack of residue means there is absolutely no additional cleanup cost or risk of further damaging valuable assets. Element provides you with confidence to fight fire

Effectiveness and Versatility

Not all extinguishers are effective against every type of fire. The choice between Element and other extinguishers can influence your preparedness for different fire classes.

Old style canister extinguishers: Many are categorized as ABC fire extinguishers. Some popular, and more expensive, clean agent performance extinguishers are only rated for B & C Fires! These only work for the fires they are rated for so pay attention! Class A fires are the most common type of fire. Be sure to check which fire classes an extinguisher covers. Here are the major fire classes: class A fires (combustible solids), class B fires (flammable liquids), class C fires (electrical) and class K fires (cooking oils and kitchen fires).

Element: Element is effective on all the major fire classes! Class A, B, C and K fires. Many extinguishers struggle with K because water based extinguishants have an explosive effect and pressurized extinguishers will simply spread the fire. Element uses a non-pressurized clean agent that fights fire on the molecular level. This not only makes it effective in extinguishing fires but also ensures kitchen fires are contained, electronics are not affected and sensitive materials are not damaged in the process. Element provides an always ready solution that's got you covered during fire emergencies.

Safety and Usability

The ease of usability and access of a fire extinguisher is paramount in an emergency. Factors such as weight, operational complexity, and maintenance can affect performance under pressure.

Old style canister extinguishers: They can be somewhat cumbersome and require some basic training to use effectively. It is challenging to reach some areas with these and their regular maintenance requirements also mean there's a risk they may not be fully operational when needed.

Element: Element is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It is easy to handle and operate even for those with no prior experience. Activation has 4 simple steps and there is no need to remove a tag, key or anything else designed to block the trigger. The maintenance-free design adds a layer of safety that ensures they are always ready to help in an emergency. The compact design makes it easy to store for easy access. You can easily store one in the kitchen, one in the garage, or one on each floor to make sure you always have an Element within quick reach

The Clear Choice for a High Performance Fire Safety Solution

Element stands out as an excellent choice for fire protection. It fights more fire classes than other so-called ‚Äúperformance extinguishers‚ÄĚ, is easy to use, requires no maintenance and starts under $100!. Click¬†here¬†to view a complete price comparison chart.¬†

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