The Element Community Roundup: 02/02/2024

The Element Community Roundup: 02/02/2024

Let’s look back at this riveting week in the world of our social media feed. Starting off strong we have off-roaders tackling the night in the third episode of the 24 Hell and Back Challenge. Then we have Element's life-saving powers highlighted in a callback to a Jeep rescue. Then finally we share an intriguing custom built seat rail mount for Element. Let’s get started!

Winch Me Out

In Episode 3 of the 24 Hell and Back Challenge, our off-roaders are six hours into the grueling race, facing intense rock climbs and thrilling winching moments. As the sun sets, an extra layer of difficulty is added to their epic journey. Tune in to witness their fearless determination under the cover of darkness.


Be Fire Ready - PSA

In this video, you'll hear a personal testimony of how Element saved a Jeep from a fire emergency. Watch the video and you’ll see how quickly a fire gets out of hand; don't risk being caught unprepared. Stay safe, and stay equipped with Element!


Keep Your Element Handy!

@LanceSR20 shows their skill with metalworks by creating a DIY car mount for the Element E50. They know how important it is to keep Element nearby in case of a car fire.  For those less skilled with metal, have no fear, we also offer a mount for cars 😉. Whether you make your own or pick one up with your purchase, you and your car are protected with Element.



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