The Element Community Roundup: 02/09/2024

The Element Community Roundup: 02/09/2024

This week we take you from the thrilling depths of a night-time off-road challenge to witnessing the sleekest off-road rig you’ll swoon over. We’ve also got you covered with the perfect valentine date inside a cozy canopy camper! Witness raw determination, impeccable design, and intimate moments in a series that blends adventure, innovation, and love.

A Hellish Night

Watch as the brave off-roaders tackle the challenge's toughest part 12 hours in. Darkness intensifies the trial, demanding unparalleled driving skill and mental resilience. As they navigate the treacherous terrain with only their headlights to guide them, this episode showcases the raw determination required to conquer the most hellish segment of the 24 Hell & Back Challenge.


Beauty AND the Beast

If you’ve been part of our community for a while, you’d remember the impressive off-road capabilities of Stitch, Bill McCrary’s custom-built off-road rig. Well, Stitch is back to woo us again, this time with its beauty. We promise this is the cleanest off road rig you’ll see today, equipped with a beautiful integrated touch screen, all the safety equipment you’d need in an emergency (of course it’s #ElementEquipped), and a chic diamond stitched headliner. This rig is a beast and a beauty.


Valentine Adventure

Watch this couple enjoy a romantic date in a canopy camper by a little fireplace, with hot coffee in hand. This intimate setting proves that adventure and romance go hand in hand, offering a unique and memorable way to celebrate love. Let this inspire your perfect Valentine's date.



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