The Element Community Roundup: 02/23/2024

The Element Community Roundup: 02/23/2024

Start your weekend off with some creative energy! One of our community members let their creative juices flow and came up with a quirky DIY modification to a Corvette that will have you impressed and shocked at the same time. We’ve also got your weekly dose of adrenaline covered with a video of a UTV ripping through the sand dunes and eventually coming to an unexpected stop. Looking for more adventure? Experience the 24 Hell & Back off-road challenge from one of the contestants' perspectives. The off-road event might be over, but the memories are just kicking in. Join us for a quick flashback through these thrilling and inventive moments.

A Dashing Dash

a plywood dash of a corvette has a infotainment system and an Element fire extinguisher mounted on it.

Take a peek at this quirky Corvette modification! Proving that function can meet humor on the road A community member has added a unique twist with a DIY plywood dash on their Corvette Z06. What do you think of this unexpected modification? To ensure safety is never compromised they’ve mounted Element Fire Extinguisher at the heart of this unconventional setup. It certainly makes a statement!


Danger of Dune

a dune buggy has reached an aggressive turn causing it to rollover.

Hold tight for a wild ride through the dunes! Watch as this UTV dominates the sandy terrain, showcasing speed and agility, until an unexpected flip near the end turns the thrill into a dramatic climax. A breathtaking reminder of the excitement and a twist of fate that proves the desert spares no one.


Reminiscing Hell

A jeep is skillfully scaling the rocks in a off-road challenge

The 24 Hell & Back challenge may be over, but the contestants will never forget the thrills of the event. Last year’s wild card entry, Nick Saia, shares his grueling journey through the toughest obstacles in this adrenaline inducing video. It's a quick escape back to those moments of adventure and hell!



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