The Element Community Roundup: 03/08/2024

The Element Community Roundup: 03/08/2024

Small innovations make a big impact in the journey of adventure. A simple addition to a vehicle extends its utility, a classic ride embraces an upgrade for some added peace of mind, and a creative solution emerges from a moment of danger. This week is all about the pursuit of preparedness and the subtle ingenuity that enhances our experiences on the road.

Roadside Chef

Take a look at this handy foldable table that attaches discreetly to your vehicle. This offers a makeshift countertop and a spring-loaded cutting board that slides out easily for those seeking a bit more convenience on their overlanding journeys. Also makes for a practical tool for outdoor meal prep and extra surface space.


Classic Smoke Show

Meet EELancia! A classic ride that's already shown a penchant for smoke signals! As a former Scout, @explorelements understands the importance of Always Being Prepared. That’s why he’s discreetly tucked away an Element in the passenger footwell. With the added peace of mind, he’s ready for any fire emergency.


Safety By Your Side

Take a look at this ingenious DIY project! After an on-track fire incident last year, this car enthusiast decided to prioritize safety and crafted a custom Element Fire Extinguisher mount for the side of their car seat. This mount will help keep Element close at hand.



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